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Jinan Changlin Air Bag Container Factory Co., Ltd
Jinan Changlin Air Bag Container Factory Co., Ltd
Brand name
Main products Marine air bag
Annual sales USD 12,000,000.00
Date of establishment 1993-05-06
Number of employees 237 Persons
Number of R&D staff 28 Persons
Number of quality inspectors 15 Persons
Area of factory 10000 ㎡
Brief Introduction
Jinan Changlin Air Bag Container Factory Co., Ltd founded, in 1993, is a Shandong Provincial Hi-Tech Enterprise, which involving in scientific research design, development and technological service of marine airbags and pneumatic rubber fenders.
With 20 years'exploitation and innovationby Changlin team, several world first standard was created by us, which reflect the latest research results on marine air bags and pneumatic rubber fenders in China. For the drafting works, our company has made many tests and research including air bag bursting tests and compression performance tests.
In 1996, the world marine bag standard Air for ship or down to launching way was drafted by us. air (up bag)
In 1997, Changlin floating-type pneumatic rubber fenders was independently by our company, because of thisinvention, we was awarded Shandong Provincial New and High-Tech Product in marine pneumatic rubber fenders 1998 Our won the Gold Award at the sixth China Technical Patent Products Expo in 2005
In 1998, the world marine bag application requirements Technological for upgrading ship launching on air bags replying was drafted by us. standard first air
In 2001, the high bearing capacity marine air bag with leading technology was invented by us, which made foundation for large ships launching by air bags. Owning to this outstanding contribution Jinan Changlin got Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Award in 2007
In 2002, the world DWT oil tank by air bag was out carried using Changlin air bags. first launching 10000
In 2008, the ship record by bag created a light weight larger 10000T ship was launched using than Changlin air when was bags. launching air
In 2011, the first international standard on marine air bags ISO 14409:2011 Ships and marine "technology Ship launching air bags drafted by us and" was carried out in international shipbuilding industry.
In 2013, "ISO 17682:2013 and marine Methodology ship launching air bags" was drafted us and approved by ISO/TC 8 in for, by
Changlin brand have the merits of high anti-bursting capacity, security, reliability, and high durability. Products performance is higher than all the requirements of the related international standard, national standard and ship and marine industry standard. Untill now, our product have been widely used by Chinese and abroad customers.
Besides, we not only supplies high reliable products, but also supplies technical services including ship launching engineering work, the design of the slipway and ramp way for ship launching by air bags, the calculation of air bag ship launching and technica training. At present, our air bags and technology have successfully applied on a DWT 76500 ship launching. And to be applied on the larger ships.
In coming days, we are to first marine air bags, pneumatic rubber fenders, technological service and ship launching design to international customers. supply systematic class
Brief Introduction
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